With a rich and colorful past, the Woodbine Inn combines 19th century grace and modern day comfort

The Woodbine’s History
The Woodbine is one of the area's few remaining Inns and Boarding Houses that date from the 1800s.

In its colorful past it has housed painters of the Hudson River Landscape School and the bar was a watering hole for notorious prohibition gangsters such as Legs Diamond and Dutch Schultz.

In its long lifetime the Woodbine has operated as speakeasy, honkey-tonk, flophouse, and Jazz club. The oldhouse piano was signed "To The Gang at The Half Note” by Louis Armstrong's bandman Shorty Jackson. The rock group NRBQ played many sessions at the Woodbine, and the venue was shut down frequently during its years as a rowdy punk club.

A full, loving renovation in 2004 has brought the Woodbine gently into the 21st century, complimenting and restoring its 19th century charm. The bar now operates for private functions only.



The Woodbine ghost story...
Did Henry, owner of years gone by, still polish glasses and wipe down tables--decades after his demise?  Did the honkytonk piano still play tunes--all by itself-- long after the jazzmen were gone?  So go the stories told by locals of long standing in Palenville.

We believe Henry left whenour renovations were completed, knowing the Woodbine was finally in good hands.

Myth or not, the Woodbine’s spirit of hospitality, creativity and plain good times is ingrained in its woodwork, and we like to think we’re continuing that spirit, with the full approval of the generations who have gone before.

Join the groups of families and friends who keep the history of the Woodbine alive!

The pictures on your site gave a good idea of what to expect but does not do your place justice– so many little details
I enjoyed there
– The fabrics used all around were fabulous! I loved the color schemes in all the rooms.