The Woodbine Inn is a
pet friendly getaway.
Springer Spaniel Levon looks forward to meeting your well-behaved dogs!

About Levon
The Woodbine Inn's English Springer Spaniel Levon was born on Feb 9, 2009, and is just as loving and happy a dog that anyone could wish. His favorite things are people, toys, children, other dogs, swimming, playing ball --in no specific order. He loves life and teaches us daily the simplicity of a joyful existence. He looks forward to meeting you!



His name
Levon was named for Woodstock's own Levon Helm, who sadly passed away in April 2012. Levon Helm brought energy and great music to our little town with his weekly Midnight Rambles.

Our Levon carries around the spirit of his namesake on a daily basis, as he goes on his own rambles in the Catskills.



Staying with your dog at the Woodbine Inn
Please bring bedding and a waterproof mat to put under food and water bowls for your dog.

The Woodbine is partially fenced. Our dog is trained to an electronic boundry collar--you will need to supervise your pooch while he is on the property.

There is a $20 pet fee.